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Check List of Documents Required for Passport Application in India

Like every other country, in India too, Passport serves as a proof of Citizenship of the country. With the new IT infrastructure, the application process for Passport in India has become very simple and easy.

To apply for a fresh Passport in India, you need 2 copies of the following list of documents

  1. Proud of address
  2. Proof of Date of Birth
  3. Citizenship Document
  4. Government Identity Certificate
  5. For ECNR

#1: Proof of address (attach one of the following)

Address proof is one of the mandatory documents and you can supply any one among the following as proof of address: Ration Card, Certificate from Employer of Reputed Companies on letter head, Water/Electricity/Telephone Bill, Election Commission ID Card, Driving License, Bank Statement, Income Tax Assessment Order, Gas Connection Bill, Spouse’s Passport Copy, and Parent’s Passport Copy for minors.

Note: If you are providing Ration Card as proof of address then you must also submit one more proof of address in support from the above mentioned categories.

#2: Proof of Date of Birth (attach one of the following)

Again, Proof of DOB is also one of the mandatory documents and it can be validated via Birth Certificate issued by a Municipal Authority or district office of the Registrar of Births & Deaths or School Leaving Certificate mentioning Date of Birth from the last school attended by the applicant or from any other recognized educational institution can also work as Proof of Date of Birth. In case of none, an Affidavit sworn before a Magistrate/Notary Stating date/Place of Birth as per the specimen in ANNEXURE ‘A’ by illiterate or semi-illiterate applicants.

Note: For applications born on or after 26/01/1989, only Birth Certificate issued by Municipal Authority or the Office of the Registrar of Births and Deaths is valid as Proof of DOB.

#3: Citizenship Document

This document should be presented only if the applicant got citizenship of India by Registration or Naturalization.

#4: Government Identity Certificate

If the applicant is employed by Government/Public Sector/Statutory body employees, then an “Identity Certificate” in original (ANNEXURE B) along with Standard Affidavit Annexure I must be submitted.

#5: For ECNR

If the applicant is eligible for Emigration Check Not Required (ECNR), then a supporting document must be attested along with the application.

Few other documents also must be presented if the applicant was ever deported to India or was repatriated at Government cost. Enclosed documents supporting such factors must be presented along with the application.

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