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How to Track Passport Application Status in India

In order to track your Passport Application Status in the country of India you will have to check out Passport Seva Consular, Passport & Visa Division from the Ministry of External Affairs of the Government of India.

Once you require a Passport, as well as PCC or IC, you will we given a File Number that will be required when you check online your Passport Application Status in India.

indian passport status

Data Required for Tracking Passport Application Status

When you track your Passport application you will be asked to input the following form fields:

  • Application Type: Passport/PCC/IC, RTI, Diplomatic Official App or Surrender Certificate.
  • File Number
  • Date of Birth

Once you fill in the required that just click on Track Status button and you will be answered with the status of your indian passport application.

URL for Tracking Indian Passport Application Status

You can track your Passport Application Status copying and pasting in your browser the following URL:


Link | Application Status Tracking

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