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http://english.gov.cn/service/immigrating.htm China Immigrating Services

http://english.gov.cn/service/immigrating.htm China Immigrating Services


The Central People’s Government of The People’s Republic of China offers all the information about citizen services at http://english.gov.cn/service/immigrating.htm where you can find o Immigrating information related to:

  • Visa Application
  • Visa Document Management
  • Residence Permit
  • Chinese Citizenship
  • Laws and regulations

At english.gov.cn inmigration services you will be able to  start you Visa Application in China and you will be finding:

  • Brief Introduction about Chinese Visa Procedure for Visa Application
  • Download Visa Application Form
  • Information for Group Visa Application
  • Application for Visa in Beijing
  • Application for Visa in Shangai

You will find Visa Document Management resources at english.gov.cn related to:

  • Foreign Citizens over60 (included) with no next-of-kin abroad coming to join their relatives residing in Beijing
  • Foreign citizens visiting family members residing in Beijing
  • Foreign Citizens with a need to extend their stay
  • Foreign Citizens with a need to drop out of the tourist group
  • Foreign Citizens travelling with a tourist visa

Residence Permit and Permanent Residence Card information also available:

  • Permanent Resident Requirements
  • Permanent Residence Card Application Procedures
  • Application for Residence Permit and Visa by Foreign Experts (Teachers) Working in China

At english.gov.cn offers all info about Chinese Citizenship like:

  • Appllication Form for Chinese Nationality
  • Application Form for Restoration of Chinese Nationality
  • Application Form for Renunciation of Chinese Nationality

Link | Immigrating at english.gov.cn


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