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Visa for Indian Citizen to Travel Abroad

passportVisa for Indian Citizen to Travel Abroad There are many people who wish to travel abroad but get hesitant from the worry of paperwork required for acquiring the visa. However, in the past few years, there are many changes done by the Indian government to make the whole process very easy. Now, going to US or UK is as easy as travelling to another state. This is only possible if you follow the rules and submit the authentic information which is required for processing visa for particular foreign country.

Types of Visa for Indian Citizen

The Visa procedure can be divided in three main parts:

  • No Visa requirement in selected Countries
  • Visa on Arrival for the selected Countries as the per the Government regulations.
  • Visa requirement before getting the ticket for travelling specific country.

1. No Visa requirement

There are specific countries which don’t ask for visa from Indian citizens on their arrival. You can get more information from the tourist department which gives you the updated list of countries which comes under the no visa requirement. Nepal is one such country and the other is Hong Kong which do not ask any visa for 14 days of your stay.

2. Visa on Arrival

This is the latest development in the immigration and visa department of India. There are many countries which gives you visa on the arrival. All you need to do is book a ticket to the country which offers visa on arrival, visit immigration center to fill necessary paper work and you get the stamp of visa approval to travel foreign country.

3. Visa Approval before travelling

There are certain countries that checks your paperwork in advance before you land in their country. Don’t be put down by this thing as the whole process of getting a visa for such foreign countries is fairly easy. Just visit Foreign Embassy in India and fill the necessary paper work with the reason for the need to visit the foreign county. The whole process will take few days and once everything is as per the requirement, you will get visa approval for travelling abroad.

Visa for Indian Citizen to Travel Abroad

Visa for Indian Citizen to Travel Abroad There are.

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