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www.immigrationindia.nic.in Bureau of Immigration of India

www.immigrationindia.nic.in Bureau of Immigration of India


Bureau of Immigration (BoI) was setup in 1971 by Government of India to undertake Immigration function in the country.

BoI is headed by Commissioner of Immigration and assisted by FRROs for immigration facilitation service at airports and work relating to registration of foreigners under various Acts and Rules.

Altogether, there are 82 Immigration Check Posts all over India, catering to international traffic. Out of these, 27 ICPs are functioning under the BoI, while the remaining are being managed by the concerned State Governments.

At present, there are 13 FFROs in major cities i.e. Delhi, Mumbai Kolkata, Chennai, Amritsar, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Calicut, Cochin, Goa and Trivandrum and Chief Immigration officer in Ahmedabad. At remaining places District Superintendent of Police (SP) functions as FRO to facilitate foreigners.

To strengthen the Immigration system, a modernization programme viz. Mission Mode Project on Immigration, Visa Foreigners’ Registration and Tracking (IVFRT) has been undertaken by MHA/BoI, with the assistance of  National Informatics Center(NIC). Under the project, all the Indian Missions, Immigration Checkposts  (ICPs), FFRO/FRO offices are being computerized and networked to develop a secure and integrated delivery framework to facilitate   legitimate travelers.

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